Learjet 12 Year Inspections

One of the most important things you can do as an owner operator of an airplane is making sure that it is maintained properly, and in a timely manner. This is especially important when looking forward to completing a 12 Year Inspection on the Learjet family of aircraft. Knowing when the inspection is due, how it needs to be conducted, and the impact of performing the inspection on your flight schedule are all key questions to ask.

Hawkeye Aviation is here to help you with all of your concerns and questions related to 12 Year Inspection’s for Learjet. We will not only help you prepare for the inspection, but we will help in projecting when the inspection needs to be performed, what will need to be done in the inspection, and help with coordination in providing the least possible impact on your busy flight schedule.

If left in the wrong hands any inspection, but especially a 12 Year Inspection can be exceedingly expensive, and take more time than necessary. We here at Hawkeye Aviation specialize in 12 Year Learjet Inspections. We have years of experience and expertise in executing these inspections.

Hawkeye Aviation knows how to properly conduct these inspections starting with strong project management. Doing the right things first adds efficiency to the inspection process saving time and money for our customers. This process starts with the first meeting with the customer. Working closely with the customer on all the details of a 12 Year Inspection gets the project off in right direction. This is one of the things that Hawkeye Aviation does that separates it from the competition. We listen to our customers, and then provide aircraft maintenance that exceeds their expectations.

Your airplane is our airplane at Hawkeye Aviation. We work directly with you in planning, conducting, and completing your 12 Year Learjet Inspection. No one else has our expertise, consistency in completions, and experience in performing 12 Year Learjet Inspections. We take the time to build trust with our customers, this in-turn builds long-term relationships with our customers. Fundamentally this is our goal here at Hawkeye Aviation. We want to be your Aircraft Maintenance Department working directly with you in keeping your airplane in the optimum condition possible.

Please do not hesitate in calling on Hawkeye Aviation for your 12 Year Learjet Inspection or any aircraft maintenance need you may have. We would be happy to hear from you, and we are looking forward to serving your aircraft maintenance needs.