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Customer-Centered Staff

Hawkeye Aviation employs a customer-centered staff. Our friendly technicians perform their duties with safety, and quality of work in mind. Our staff goes out of their way to make sure that our clients are getting the highest quality aircraft maintenance possible. This means that we, here at Hawkeye Aviation, communicate clearly with our clients on what aircraft maintenance is required, and how much that maintenance will cost. We only perform work that is mutually agreed upon by both our client and a Hawkeye Aviation representative. We go out of our way to insure that your experience at Hawkeye Aviation is a great one. We do this because we are committed to our clients in a way that other aircraft maintenance facilities are not. We provide large facility aircraft maintenance with a small boutique aircraft maintenance touch. We listen to our client’s needs, and provide them with everything we can to make sure that their experience with us is a positive one. We do this because we genuinely want to make long-term relationships with our clients. When our clients do well we do well.