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Hawkeye Aviation is located at 37600 Cessna Way, Watkins CO 80137

Hawkeye Aviation can be contacted by phone or email. We stand ready to help you with any aircraft maintenance need. From distressed aircraft maintenance to regular aircraft maintenance, including parts services, Hawkeye Aviation will make sure that you and your aircraft are flying in the safest, and most reliable manner possible. Please contact us so we can help get started in helping you with your aircraft maintenance today.

Phone: 303-469-9553

Email: Lee Smith


Address: 37600 Cessna Way
Watkins, CO 80137,  
President: Bryan Alston bryan@hawkeyemx.com37600 Cessna Way

For Quotes: lee@hawkeyemx.com 303-469-9553

Office Manager: Joy Routt joy@hawkeyemx.com

Lead Mechanic: Lee Smith lee@hawkeyemx.com