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King Air

Hawkeye Aviation specializes, and provides expert King Air maintenance services for all models. Our staff is here to make sure that your King Air is maintained in the safest manner possible. We, here at Hawkeye Aviation, have years of experience with King Air maintenance, and will make sure your aircraft is maintained to the highest standards of quality and reliability either through Phase inspections or routine maintenance.

Hawkeye Aviation’s technicians are set apart from the competition because of their expertise, and years of experience in providing meticulous scheduled and unscheduled maintenance. We follow the most stringent manufacturer and FAA guidelines in order to keep your aircraft flying safely and efficiently. When you bring your King Air to Hawkeye Aviation for airframe inspections, no detail is over looked. From landing gear overhauls to structural and out-of-phase inspections, your safety is our top priority.

King Air Maintenance

Our shop is not only staffed by a highly experienced crew, but is also complemented with the latest equipment available. We are known for providing the highest level of quality services available in the industry. Hawkeye Aviation employs the most experienced and proficient service technicians who are committed to quality, exceptional value, and the highest level of customer service.

Hawkeye Aviation has years of experience in conducting routine, hot section, and engine overhaul maintenance. Our trained and highly experienced staff performs engine maintenance including Major Overhaul. Our powerplant experts partner with Vector Aerospace for PT6A Engine work. This provides our customers with the highest quality and most reliable services available in the industry.

Services Offered:

  • All Models
  • All Phase Inspections
  • 6 Year Gear Inspection
  • Partner with Vector Aerospace for PT6A Engine Overhaul

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