Having All The Right Things

Part of providing, any competent, aircraft maintenance is having the right equipment. In this example of a Landing Gear Check conducted for a Phase Inspection on a Lear 45, Hawkeye Aviation has all the right equipment. Hawkeye has a hydraulic mule rated to 3,000 psi, we have aircraft jacks rated to 10 tons each, and we have a force gauge to determine the proper down locking pressure required to lock the landing gear down in place. All important items for conducting proper aircraft maintenance.

Even more important than having all the equipment necessary to perform the maintenance on an aircraft, you need to have the skill and knowhow in operating that equipment the right way. Just like in surgery, not only do you want to have the right tools for the operation, you want to have a surgeon skilled in the manipulation of those tools.

Just on this inspection, alone, there is over 100 years of aircraft maintenance experience being utilized. Most of that experience has been devoted to the Lear Series of aircraft. Sure anyone can be around the shop working in and around airplanes, but this team is skilled in ways that normal aircraft technicians are not. These are all professional aircraft maintenance techs who have all risen to the top of their field. In this group, we have people who have been lead aircraft mechanics, a director of aircraft maintenance, an aircraft maintenance shop owner, and even an aircraft airframe and powerplant school instructor.

We here at Hawkeye Aviation are proud of the aircraft maintenance we provide to our customers. We are able to provide this superior aircraft maintenance not only due to having a lavishly equipped shop, but also because of the skill and experience our aircraft technicians bring to the work they provide.