Finding The Right Aircraft Maintenance Shop

Taking your aircraft to the right maintenance shop is one of the most important things you can do as an owner operator. Having access to a facility that not only possesses the right experience, and proper equipment is key to successful, and efficient aircraft operation. Beyond these characteristics, being able to trust the staff at the facility may be the most important quality of all.

Hawkeye Aviation not only brings a wealth of experience, while employing a fully stocked shop with cutting edge tooling and equipment, we go out of our way to insure that you receive the best aircraft maintenance possible.

We here at Hawkeye Aviation respect our customers by providing expert aircraft maintenance without adding additional cost for undesired or unnecessary services. We do not put your aircraft on the back burner behind our own needs, we will go out of our way to insure that your aircraft maintenance is placed at the forefront of your scheduled needs. We want you to think of Hawkeye Aviation as an extension of your own operation. Hawkeye Aviation is your maintenance department, and your interests of receiving exemplary aircraft maintenance is our only goal as we work hand and hand with you on providing that care.

Some aircraft maintenance facilities see their customers as “Marks”, willing to shake them down at every turn. We here at Hawkeye Aviation see our customers as partners that we are working with in providing the best aircraft maintenance possible.

The next time you are in need of aircraft maintenance, please do not hesitate to call Hawkeye Aviation, we think that you will notice a distinctive difference in the service we provide compared to how you have received it at other aircraft maintenance facilities.